Fleur de Lace at The National Wedding Show


So this year we ventured deep into the Wedding world, exhibiting within the Rock n Roll Bride collection at the National Wedding Show.

I had been to the wedding show 10 years ago when I was planning my own wedding and again 3 years ago before my friends wedding.  Completely excited by the idea of exhibiting and reaching so many more couples than I had before, I decided to take the plunge.

The funny thing was 11 years ago I was back at Olympia assisting Coral, an awesome event florist who used to dress the trade shows there, so at first it was strange to be ‘behind the scenes’ again.  As usual I was one of the first to start setting up and one of the last to finish.  In the weeks building up to the event I had my stall pretty much set up at home as I needed to spray everything with an anti flammable spray (the worse thing about my exhibiting experience!) 100s of meters of wet paper streamers!

nationalweddingshow2So after no sleep through many many worries (I’m the Queen of pointless worrying!) The Friday came.  And pretty much went with little action.  I met a few press members, a handful of interested people and got to know my surrounding suppliers, including Claire from Claire Hill Design, the lovely family run Art Cuts, Sophie and Gareth from Crown and Glory and…Kat (and Gareth) from Rock n Roll Bride.  All being really lovely, although got to say meeting Kat was strange, I read her blog all the time and have seen interviews etc on youtube, so I had an idea of what she was like but have to admit I acted a little cooler than I felt inside when I met her! Being next to them at the show and seeing the ‘brides to be’ getting giddy when they saw her then getting their nerve together to go and say hello was pretty funny.

So Saturday and Sunday came, my voice went.  I met loads of amazing people.  Our signage proved to be super popular, as did the games and styling help in general.  I had some great helpers (cheers besties!) I taught some DIY loving people how to make tissue paper tassels and at the end, fell into a big heap!

nationalweddingshow3I would definitely recommend it to wedding suppliers who are thinking exhibiting on the largest scale possible in the UK.  It would defo be something I would do again…

If you missed us we are exhibiting there are more opportunities to meet, at the Vintage Wedding fair at Shuttleworth (April 19th), The Tie the Knot Wedding Carnival in Hexton (May 15th) and the Boho Show, MK (29th May).


Fleur de Lace’s popular decor under Canvas!


I love an outdoor wedding under canvas and each wedding is so different.  There are some AMAZING suppliers out there, with different styles and different costs.  It’s been a great privilege working with some of the best and after a conversation today with a 2016 Bride we thought it was a good idea to talk through a few Fleur de Lace decor favourites and how they work with each kind of tent.

Just a note: I always try and touch base with the suppliers before I work with them, to go through timings and best way to rig any Fleur de Lace decor.  Having worked with a few companies, let me know if you would like any recommendations…

Marquees:  We have worked with a few different styles but most have a higher ceiling in the middle and have a white draped ceiling.  Around the edges are white curtains and marquee clear plastic windows.

  • Lanterns and hanging decor: We have mainly aimed for the centre of the room with smaller ones nearer the edges as the drop is too low and needs to clear headheight.
  • Bunting and Garlands:  We have hung this all the way around the outside.  We have also hung it from the centre of the room to the outside.
  • Fairy lights and festoons: Most Marquees come with large powered lights inside but we have put them from the centre pole (across the top of the marquee) to the outside and around the edges, we’ve also put battery powered lights on the table, in trees outside the windows and in the toilet area to create more atmosphere when it’s dark outside.

The marquee in the image is the Winter Marquee at The London Shenley Club

Stretched Tents: These are awesome to work with, they have high points and are lower at the edges.

  • Lanterns and hanging decor: The main bulk is easy to hang a network of lanterns from as you can see in the image above.
  • Bunting and Garlands: Because of the rounded edges it hard to hang around the whole edge but is very possible on the open side or from tall poles down to the shorter poles, following the dips in the canvas.
  • Fairy lights and Festoons:  With all the poles and ropes, when everything is wrapped, these tents look seriously magical!(photo credit: Jess Reeve Photography)The Stretched Tent was supplied by Alternative Stretch Tents

    Capri Canopy:  Because of the pole set up, These are super similar to the stretch tents with the decorations and lighting so see above.  It is a little more open to the elements as the name suggests, so everything is tucked in a little bit so they don’t blow in the wind or get wet (you never know with our British weather!)

Please enquire with Enchanted Garden Events regarding this canopy

(photo credit: Julie Kim Photography)

Tipi:  It’s been a while since I have decorated one of these bad boys but they are truly beautiful!

  • Lanterns and hanging decor: These can be hung in the tall areas, because the tipi is easy to separate areas you could just pick above the dance floor and it still look great!
  • Bunting and Garlands: With so many bars and section entrance points to hang off, the world is your oyster with this one.  Or can help link all the sections together.
  • Fairy lights and Festoons:  Poles wrapped in fairy lights are amazing, or from the centre and out to the edges, it all looks fab!

Photo by Julie Kim Photography. Gorgeous lighting around the capri canopy.